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We take students from the age of 3-18 years.

Our Ballet is on Wednesdays with Miss Jenny.

For 3-5yrs class is on from 5pm-6pm

For 5-7yrs class is from 6pm-7pm

For 8-18yrs class is from 7pm-8pm

Classes are €10 and you pay as you go.

We have Ballet pumps, tights, cardigans and leotards available to order from our Spin Shop in reception.

For your first class don't worry about what to wear. Come in comfortable clothing like leggings, a top and comfortable footwear and Miss Jenny will fill you in from there. You can give us a call on 01-4193740 to sign up for a place today or email us at info@spindanceandfitness.ie

on wednesdays we wear pink