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What is FreeStyle...


Freestyle, was formerly known as 'Disco'. However, it has progressed and modernised hugely over the years and no longer reflects an image of John Travolta in a white suit!


Freestyle is an artistic dance form that co-ordinates accentuated body movements with a number of basic steps incorporating arm, head and hand positions and movements. Also, performed in connection with progressive dance moves such as runs, spins, jumps and high kicks. It is a very fast, yet controlled discipline of dance which is in tune with the current style of 'club music' It encompasses speed, agility, suppleness and strength. Students are encouraged to develop their own individualism as well as working together as a team. With the help of the teacher’s development, this is the perfect style with which to create your own choreography and add your own personality and individualism to a set routine.


The beauty of Freestyle is being able and having the freedom to do just that, freestyle.


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